Long Gao Portfolio

This portfolio features the projects which I have worked that I feel best demonstrates my diversity of skill and how I may be of beneficial use to Studio Olafur Elliason.


After attending an artist Residency in 2016, I met Norwegian artist, Marie Skeie who commissioned me to fabricate a life sized mechanical ostrich. When a coin is inserted, the bird lifts its head and sings "China, China" and dispenses a fortune cookie. This piece was shown at the exhibition Flagget Følger Flesket at Akershus kunstsenter.

Shown below is the ostrich before leaving the studio in Canada. The piece is designed to be fully disassembled for shipping then re-assembled on sight. You can see an image of the Ostrich at the show here: http://www.marieskeie.com/



In 2013, I entered an international startup competition called “Startup Weekend”. Together with a team of designers, engineers, and marketers, we came up with pawly, a robotic pet toy that can be controlled from anywhere using a mobile app or web browser. Users can take pictures and videos, dispense treats and play with their pets in real time while away from home.

for more information about my experience with the competition please visit: www.longgaogao.com/pawly



I made and designed this pin. I’m featuring this piece because it shows my attention to detail and ability to fabricate small and intricate objects.



I know mascots are pretty goofy but the process of making one is actually quite intense and involves a variety of design, fabrication, and sculpting techniques.

Not only was I one of the most efficient fabricators the company had, I also built and designed their website, freshened up their brand, and strategize a marketing campaign that resulted in the number of daily inquiries for new business growing from an average of 1 to 6 per day.

If you go to the website www.maydwellmascots.com. You can see that it’s designed specifically for potential clients to contact us and request a quote.



This is an installation I did in 2012 while still in art school. I grew up in Vancouver where it rains a lot. This piece is about my memories of walking at night in the rain.



This was an installation I did for a show in 2017. The piece is made from over 100 fresh rose petals and has a diameter of 10 feet.